About Us

Majestic Roobee Perfumes is a leading fragrance business in Nigeria, established in 2017.

Majestic Roobee opened because we want YOU to experience fragrance intimately by offering you exotic fragrances in form of oils etc – better than store perfume sprays.

Our CEO, Peace Jonathan has always been fascinated by fragrances and this fascination turned to one she wanted to share with everyone the moment she encountered attar perfumes. Inspired by that experience;  She started Majestic Roobee perfumes where she develops her own signature perfume oils that leave you with a fragrant feeling of sophistication and freshness all day long.

Our fragrances are packaged in a very appealing way that depicts the word ‘Majestic’. We offer a broad range of unique in-stock fragrances and oils such as Fragrance Oil, Perfume Body Oil and Perfume Sprays. We also offer wholesale https://majesticroobee.com/wholesale/  options at the best cost

Our broad range of Products include;

  • Fragrance Oil (Pure perfume oil, Uncut Pefume Oils and Sensual oils)
  • Natural deodorants
  • Feminine Care Range (Bikini Package)
  • Sensual Oils
  • Perfume Sprays

Our goal is to bring you these unique fragrances right to your doorstep! To begin; we render free fragrance consultation on the best choice for you. Simply click on the chat button to begin a conversation with us!

Our Promise

PURE QUALITY: We ensure our fragrances are in pure and rich form without alcohol or fillers. Because of this, many individuals that showed reactions such as itching or sneezing are able to use our Majestic Roobee products.

UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE: Our Fragrance production team has over ten years of combined experience in custom blending and can create or recreate your own signature fragrance!

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